About Me


Hello, and welcome there!

I’m Xuanli Lin, an ASU graduate student who is currently researching new ways to model components and studying AADL with an emphasis on its applications.

As a computer science graduate student, I am, in fact, expected to be familiar with major programming languages. This include Java, C++, C, and a bit of SQL.  I’ve been also teaching myself Python, PHP, and HTML, so they are no stranger to me.

I am also familiar with major OS’s, for the most part. That ranges from Windows Registry, Linux command lines, to AOSP. As a matter of fact, I’ve troubleshot hundreds of problems and errors on my systems and my friends’ systems.

Oh, there’s also a variety of software that I’ve got hand-on experience with. Adobe Premier and Photoshop, for instance. Online CMS such as this WordPress instance, is another software I love to play around. I am also getting started with Ruby framework. Do we need to mention Microsoft Office anyways?

  • I occasionally program just for fun or to strengthen my knowledge. You can see some of the projects I’ve done on GitHub. Currently I am working on rewriting the SteamKeyManager in Qt and Python, and so far it’s moving forward very well.
  • I have created an Android application for an education startup called TeachMe. I also implemented part of their company website!
  • I collaborated with my team to create a simple HR system. The system is prototyped in MS Access and implemented with Oracle SQL language.
  • I have done a number of class projects, include Hotspot Analysis (Apache Spark/Python), some RESTful web services (C# and HTML), a text typo checker (Java), and many others.

I have a lot of hobbies, and most of them are related to electronics and gadgets. I LOVE playing with computer hardwares, and in fact, I’ve built several PCs from scratch. Setting up and maintaining websites (including this blog you’re reading) is yet another activity I do for fun. I also consider myself a gamer, and I play, most prominently, DotA 2 and Civilization.

I believe that once I’m committed to something, I’ll go wholeheartedly with it. Some people interpret that as me being “perfectionist”, but that’s not necessarily true. What I’m actually doing is to put in my BEST EFFORT within my ability.

  • I like almost all kinds of music. However Post-rock works the best while programming (at nights).
  • In case you’re still not aware, this bio page is hosted right on my personal blog. Unfortunately I write mainly in Chinese. You can use Google Translate for some jagged translations, I guess.

That’s about it. Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy!

Here you can find my latest resume

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