Alliance Banner & Logo Voting

Hello there, thanks for taking time to vote for the new alliance banner and logo! We have received 7 amazing submissions and thy are presented below.

Things to Consider

We would like to ask you to consider the following criteria before casting your vote, to ensure that we get the best banner for our alliance!

  • Is this submission related to our new alliance name, Crescent Moon?
  • Does this submission exhibit high quality arts?
  • Is this submission unique (i.e. is it a cool submission)?
  • Will this submission look good on the display as well as the in alliance listing and Discord logo? (Details below)

Where Will They be Used?

Each submission should consist of two parts: a banner and a logo. They will be used in different places, as illustrated below.

Banners are primarily found in the alliance quarter’s overhead displays. Picture below illustrates what current banner looks like in our quarter.

Picture showing the current alliance banner in our alliance quarter

Logos are to be used in many places, such as Discord logo, alliance status/listing, and overhead display. You can find examples of these below.

Current Discord logo

Current logo shown in Alliance Status

Current logo shown in character overhead display (if you turned it on)

To ensure fairness, all submissions are scaled to the actual sizes that they will be used in game/Discord. That means 600*300 for banners and 100*100 for logos. You may access hi-res detailed image by clicking on these individual images, but keep in mind details from hi-res version can be lost in resized version.


  • You will get 2 votes – that means you can choose your top 2 favorites (consider these hand-drawn submissions too).
  • The submission with most votes will be selected as the winner and the second most votes the runner-up.
  • Winning submission will be used to replace existing banner & logos AND receive substantial Meseta as prize AND of course, endless glory xD.
  • Runner-up will receive lots of Meseta prize and a hug :3
  • A second-round voting may be called in the event that winner and runner-up get similar amounts of vote.

Prize Pool

  • Winner: 23,000,000 Meseta
  • Runner-up: 12,000,000 Meseta
  • We’d appreciate your tips to the winning artists! See details in announcement later today.


Without further ado, please enjoy all the amazing submissions we received and vote for your top 2!

(Submissions ranked in the order they were received only)


#1: submitted by gaw



#2: submitted by Chumpiez



#3: submitted by Arieys



#4: submitted by Arieys’ friend

Note: prize will go to Arieys if selected.




Note: naturally these hand-drawn submissions won’t be visually appealing as the digital counterparts. Keep in mind that they are more of ideas and concepts, and if selected we can do digitalization based on these drawings.

#5: submitted by PRFreeman1337


#6: Submitted by AskNewbie


#7: submitted by Shido_Mana


That’s all, now head on back and vote for your favorites!