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Transitioning to Amazon S3 + CloudFront Media Delivery

Observe the above image. This might appear to be an ordinary GUNPLA picture, but notice the URL it’s coming from (… Yup, after a (whole night’s) preparation and work, the blog is finally using the Amazon S3 for media storage. From now on all pictures (and potentially videos) will be stored in Amazon S3 and…

本站已经搬迁回美国 / Site Migrated Back to the US

鉴于目前香港的形势以及阿里云香港 VPS 到期,我决定将站点搬迁回美国。大陆用户访问速度可能会受到一定影响,敬请谅解。 Due to current developments in Hong Kong and that my AliCloud HK VPS is expiring, I have decided to migrate the site back to the US. There might be performance impacts for mainland China users – please bear with me.

博客外观和可用性更新 / Blog visual and usability updates

[success]博客已经在2019年6月15日成功改版。当前版本:0x01[/success] 完整的更新日志请点这里。 很高兴的在此宣布,经过一个下午的改造,博客加载的速度有了明显的提升 —— 清除缓存后 DOMContentLoaded 速度从原来的8.45秒大大提升到了1.06秒(87.4%提升)。也就是说,现在博客主要内容应该能在1秒之内完成渲染。除此之外,博客将使用轻量级的主题 Kratos,摒除让人分心的东西。希望大家能喜欢! I am excited to announce that after an afternoon’s hard work, the blog sees significant improvement in terms of speed – after clearing cache, the DOMContentLoaded time went from 8.45 secs to 1.06 secs (an 87.4% decrease). In other words, the blog should now be much snappier and everything should…