很高兴的在此宣布,经过一个下午的改造,博客加载的速度有了明显的提升 —— 清除缓存后 DOMContentLoaded 速度从原来的8.45秒大大提升到了1.06秒(87.4%提升)。也就是说,现在博客主要内容应该能在1秒之内完成渲染。除此之外,博客将使用轻量级的主题 Kratos,摒除让人分心的东西。希望大家能喜欢!

I am excited to announce that after an afternoon’s hard work, the blog sees significant improvement in terms of speed – after clearing cache, the DOMContentLoaded time went from 8.45 secs to 1.06 secs (an 87.4% decrease). In other words, the blog should now be much snappier and everything should show up within a second. Also, I will be using Kratos this time forward, which should remove distractions. Hope you can like it!

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