An Important Update to the SKM Project


[This notice was originally published under GitHub repo of SKM on Nov 17, 2018.]


Thank you all for your support to the project. As you can see SKM in this stage is usable, but missing a few promised functionalities. Recently I skimmed through the project files and I can tell the way the project is structured makes it extremely difficult to maintain or modify.

Since the SKM started while I am in sophomore year of college (while I was young and naive… lol), there are a few very bad practices in the code (like bad separation of concerns). Unless there is another total rewrite of code, and transition to FXML, any additions to the existing code just complicates the situation further.

That said, since I am to rewrite the project anyways, I am considering possibilities outside JavaFX framework. Right now Kivy (based on Python) looks very good to me, and I am studying possibilities to transform the project into Kivy.

Another planned feature to SKM is switching primary data storage from text files to database-based storage. Text files can be easily tempered, and a slight inconsistency can cause the file parser to fail in Java implementation.

Anyways, this is just a picture of what to come next. Right now I am very busy with school since the graduation is coming next month, but do stay tuned for updates. Thank you!

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