Things have been going well since my graduation. Me, my dad, my grandma, and my sister went on a graduation trip after they attended my convocation and so far I think they are enjoying the journey.

Wish I can share some experience and pictures along the way, but right now I’m not quite in the mood for writing a proper article, so maybe I’ll do that when I arrive in Arkansas.

We have been to many places already since we departed home on Dec 12: Grand Canyon (Dec 12-13), Las Vegas (Dec 13-14), and San Diego (Dec 14-16). We are going to Los Angles (Dec 16-19), before finally leaving for Arkansas on 19. While that sounds like exhausting and brief visits to many places, it is what they have to do to include as much places as possible in just 1 week.

Encounter on the USS Midway

Speaking of San Diego, we went to the famous USS Midway Museum in downtown SD today. Since I’ve already been to USS Missouri (part of the Pearl Harbor Sites) in January, I went straight on to the flight deck and wanted to check out the aircraft stationed there – there are ~30 jets, propeller aircraft, and helicopters. After wandering around I turned to a Docent for questions on how the jets land on the carrier, but as we walked around the places it turned into a tour of the flight deck. We had great conversations and I have learned a lot.

After parting ways from the Docent I met him again on a different part of the deck, and this time he asked if I liked those aircraft. Of course, who doesn’t? Then he explained that if I were to join the service I can be around those bad boys (F-35s, F-22s and such) most of the time. Wow, never thought about that, but it feels fascinating to see those metal birds in action, and being able to support their operation. After a bit of digging on USAF and US Navy sites, it turns out all the computer science/IT officers require US citizen status because of their sensitive nature and high security clearance requirements. Given that I am not even a permanent resident, there seems to be a long way to go.

Some Rants

After all, a dream is a dream, not a goal. My mid term goal is to get a master’s degree within reasonable time, but I don’t have a long term goal in mind – I might as well stand in the 8-way crossroad of life choices very soon and don’t know where to go next. I thought the life of software engineers is totally for me until I realized today that one thing is lacking therein (as with most white collar jobs) – that is, excitement. Writing code can be challenging, rewarding, and giving a sense of accomplishment, but that would not be something I would be emotionally attached to. I believe that one can achieve the highest if their dream and their goals intersects, but for me I might have to yield to the reality at this moment.

Thank you for reading through my gibberish rants, my mind is not anywhere near sharp tonight. Stay tuned for more updates with pictures. Wish y’all a good night and happy holidays!

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