Project – The Last Hope


Special acknowledgements to following organizations and entities for their resources used as game assets and resources


  • Title font – “自由の翼フォント”. Designed by たぬき侍, free for noncommercial use.
  • Regular font – “Zrnic”. Designed by Raymond Larabie, free for noncommercial use.


  • Title screen background – “Sunset Over Earth”. Original pictrure by NASA, CC BY 2.0 license.
  • Various sprites – “Guns, Bullets, & Planes – Sprites, and Mockup”. Original author Thomas van der Heiden, license status unknown.
  • In-level backgrounds:
    1. Downtown: “AIR NIGHT (NEW)”. Original author Antoine Rose, license status unknown.
    2. Final stage: “Alien Base by Sung Choi”. Original author Sung Choi, license status unknown.
    3. Forest: untitled blog image. Photographed by Craig Turner/ZSL/LightHawk, license status unknown.
    4. Ocean: untitled blog image. Original author Aditya, license unknown
  • Gear icon – “Gear icon”. Original author Ionicons, MIT License
  • Some enemy planes – “Fighter Planes” Originally featured in Advance Wars 2 on Game Boy Advance, copyright Nintendo and Intelligent Systems
  • Enemy boss – “Boss” Originally featured in PC game Nuclear Pizza War, original author unknown
  • Laser beams – “Enemy Bullet” Originally featured in PC game Platypus, original author Anthony Flack
  • Final boss – “Boss X” Originally featured in SaGa Frontier in PS, copyright Square and Square Enix
  • Enemy commander plane – “Saurian Plane” Originally featured in SNES game Stone Protectors, copyright Eurocom Entertainment Software
  • Various enemies (bosses) – “Bosses” Originally featured in SNES game Daioh Gale, copyright Athena
  • Empty stamp mark – (untitled) Original author geralt, licensed for reuse under CC0 Public Domain declaration
  • “LH” icon – “LH Logo” Original author unknown, license status unknown (access to the site blocked by school firewall)


  • BGM by RH Soundtracks
    1. Main title BGM: “Survival”.
    2. Level 1 BGM: “Black Hawk Down”.
    3. Level 2 BGM: “The Last Samurai”.
    4. Level 3 BGM: “Forbidden Territory”.
    5. Final Level BGM: “Live Together Die Alone”.
    6. Post-game BGM: “Reunited”. Original author RH Soundtracks, licensed per author’s specification (paid for personally by me)

  • Boss explosion – “Large Explosion”. Original author gr8sfx, licensed under freeSFX’s End user licence agreement.
  • Blast – “Blast Sound” Recorded by Mike Koenig, licensed under Attribution 3.0
  • Laser shoot – “Laser Sound”. Recorded by Mike Koenig, licensed under Attribution 3.0
  • Rocket sound – “hvrl.wav”. Original author inferno, licensed under Sampling+ License
  • Mouse hover sound – “Menu screen mouse over”. Original author DrMinky, licensed under the Attribution License
  • UI select sound – “sf3-sfx-menu-select.wav”. Original author broumbroum, licensed under the Attribution License

IV. Miscellaneous

  • Pause menu script – “Game Maker Studio: Menus Tutorial”. Original author Shaun Spalding, adopted upon his tutorial. License status unknown.